4.5 Vesting Schedule

The vesting schedule for the Flame Token is crafted to ensure a gradual release of funds that aligns with the long-term vision and sustainability of the project. Following the Token Generation Event (TGE) on January 4th, an initial unlock of 1% of the allocated tokens was implemented to facilitate early network operations and to reward our foundational participants.

Post-TGE, a two-month cliff period was instituted to provide a buffer for market stabilization and to safeguard against volatility. This period is critical in allowing the market to assimilate the initial supply and to establish a baseline for the token's valuation.

Commencing on March 4th, following the conclusion of the cliff period, the vesting continues with a systematic release plan. Over the span of 99 days, there will be a daily unlock rate of 1% of the remaining tokens. This structured approach ensures a predictable and steady flow of tokens into the market, thereby preventing any abrupt supply shocks.

This vesting mechanism embodies our commitment to prudent economic practices and aligns with our stakeholders' interests. By opting for a phased release, we are upholding the principle of gradual decentralization of token ownership, thus fostering a healthy and balanced ecosystem where the interests of the token holders and the project's long-term goals are in sync.

The vesting terms are unequivocally set to reinforce the confidence that our investors and community have placed in the Flame Token, ensuring that the integrity and forward momentum of the project are maintained.

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