7. Legal Disclaimer


All features and applications included in the ecosystem as stated in the Flame Token White Paper are not intended to be considered as securities in any jurisdiction and do not constitute a securities offering, nor is it intended to collect investment demands for securities investment. The White Paper containing technical and operational information about Flame Token does not contain investment advice, nor is it legally an offer.

The White Paper does not constitute a legally binding contract or legal commitment by either Flame Token or the founding company of Flame Token. Any transaction regarding the sale or purchase of Flame Token will only become valid upon the signing of agreements to be prepared by the Company and the submission of other necessary documents (“Final Documents”). In case of any discrepancy between the Final Documents and the White Paper, the provisions in the Final Documents shall prevail.

Neither any regulatory or administrative authority or government of any jurisdiction has reviewed or approved the Flame Token structure or any of the information stated in this White Paper. The publication of the White Paper may be unregulated in the relevant jurisdictions and may even constitute a violation of applicable legislation. Due to the application differences of Flame Token and blockchain technology in jurisdictions and other technological developments, Flame Token poses high legal risk and uncertainty as with all Flame Token applications, along with its earnings potential. The initiative and responsibility to assess these risks and invest lies solely with you. In addition, no part or copy of this White Paper should be carried or transferred to any country where the sale or distribution of this White Paper or Flame Token is prohibited or restricted.

In particular, you cannot purchase Flame Tokens if (i) you are a citizen, resident of or hold a green card in the United States of America (“USA”) and do not have the right to be an “accredited investor” under US legislation; or (ii) you are a citizen or resident of the People's Republic of China; or (iii) you are a citizen or resident of a country subject to US sanctions.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, neither Flame Token, the Company, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, advisors or affiliates of the Company make any warranty or commitment regarding the forecasts and projections contained in the White Paper, nor accept any responsibility for the accuracy and validity or the White Paper in general. Therefore, the Company shall have the right to change the information contained in the White Paper at any time.

This White Paper may contain forward-looking statements regarding Flame Token activities and projections that have not yet materialized. Such forward-looking statements may differ significantly from the actual outcomes, performance or achievements regarding Flame Token in the future.

Staking enables users to lock up a crypto asset for a certain period of time and gain acquisition of the same or another type of crypto asset. No interest income is provided in fiat currency in return for staking. Staking is not an interest or interest-like system.

In light of the above explanations, you agree that you are solely responsible for any damages (including but not limited to loss of income or profit; loss of use or data) that you will be exposed to in connection with Flame Token or related to it, and that Flame Token, the Company, directors, shareholders, employees, contractors, advisors or affiliates of the Company have no responsibility for these claims and damages. This White Paper does not establish a partnership, business relationship, license, profit and loss partnership, joint venture relationship between the company and you. Also, any profit, partnership, business relationship, license promise made by the company to any person or institution cannot be interpreted as such. Flame Token and other products or services are not a capital market or banking instrument, stocks, securities, investment contract.

This White Paper is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. All disputes regarding the White Paper will be finally and exclusively resolved by the Istanbul (Anatolian Side) courts and enforcement offices.

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